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Kim O'Brien

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Welcome to my website!

Thanks for your interest in me and my writing. I really love what I do and hope you enjoy my books. My roots are in Inspirational Romance, but I've also started exploring some different themes in my Young Adult novels. My first YA book, Bone Deep, will be available in 2015.

What kind of books do you like? I'd love to hear from you, so please look for me on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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Bone Deep

A Wedding Renewal

Reviewers love A Wedding Blunder in the Black Hills!

Kim O'Brien gives us a delightful story that deals with letting others direct your life and shatter your dreams. It's a story about starting over and rebuilding a new life. Wisdom and inspiration is shared by many of the characters about having faith and trust in God.

The story's ending is quite a surprise. Will Millie's dream be fulfilled after all?

I laughed and cried through the book and really enjoyed the story. You should too!

- Viki Ferrell, Fresh Fiction

Wedding Blunder in Black Hills

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